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About R3

Wood grain and color have a wonderful magic that has captivated me since long ago.

At around mid 2005, when moving to a new and a bit rural place, I've started a wood workshop taking avantage of what I thougth was a large enough garage; a while later, and a few furniture and accesories made, the car had to get out to give more room to an ever growing collection of power and hand tools; I was totally engaged with my hobby.

Since then I've been getting away from my day job as an illustrator and  improving my tools and skills to offer my work all over the world thanks to the online selling.

Latelly I've turned my efforts to explore the aesthetic possibilities of the natural "accidents" of the wood like knots, voids and cracks, and producing a series of pieces that I guess goes back to a two dimensional work from where I came.

Despite my commitment with my work as an artisan, which means I dont sign the pieces, some of the late works are dated and signed on the back to emphasize it's deep uniqueness.

Oh! and by the way, "R3" is the way I sign shortly.

Thanks for passing by,